New Swirly Whip at Pinkberry = heaven


We love it when various blogs and media outlets love a new product as much as we do and this blog entry from Dallas’ sums up the way we feel about Pinkberry’s new Swirly Whip too!  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so take it away Kyle:

New Swirly Whip at Pinkberry = heaven

by: Kyle Kearbey

Pinkberry’s new Swirly Whip might be the perfect substitute for our fro-yo fix. Now that the weather’s cooling off, we’re going to need something a little less, well, frozen. This new Swirly Whip is a fresh, whipped cream that tastes just like the original Pinkberry flavor. (And almost as good, too.) We tried it the other day on top off a fruit bowl and it was amazingly delish. We know what you’re thinking. Whipped Cream = mega fattening. Nope. It’s only 50 calories per ounce. Go and getcha some.


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